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California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), District 5

Shandon, CA United States


Project Description

Metal Sales™ provides 9,400 square feet of sleek roof and wall panels for the new Shandon Rest Area in Shandon, CA.

The Shandon Rest Area is located between the Central Coast and the San Joaquin Valley on Highway 46. Originally built in the 1970s, Shandon’s facilities had become outdated and costly to maintain – no longer meeting the needs of its 1.5 million annual visitors. To address these needs and to update the disabled access of the decades-old facility, officials announced the rest area would be rebuilt from the ground up.

The transformation included construction of new and expanded restroom facilities, upgrades to parking, pedestrian safety improvements and repairing or replacing electrical, sewer and water systems. The project team turned to Metal Sales to ensure that the roadside oasis for motorists would last for decades to come.

Amenities now available at the Shandon Rest Area include two restroom buildings, a revitalized pedestrian area, public information kiosks, picnic tables, benches, recycling containers, interpretive displays, site lighting, pet areas, indigenous landscaping and refreshment vending machines.

In addition to new amenities for travelers, the 11-acre rest facility includes a crew building with a California Highway Patrol satellite office. This new facility provides a safe place for patrolmen to interact with the public and write police reports. Safety is a primary function of the rest area. In addition to offering motorists a break from the roadway, rest stops are commonly known to decrease traffic collisions and accidents within a 30-mile radius of their location.

The new facility was built in accordance with modern earthquake standards, fire safety codes, new public health requirement for water use, wastewater disposal, trash reduction and recycling goals.


Project Details

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), District 5
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  • General Contractor: Specialty Construction, Inc. 
  • Roof Installer: CENCAL Roofing 
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Specified Products

Metal Sales 7/8" Corrugated - Roof panels, 7/8" Corrugated - Wall panels, T2832 - Roof panels

Metal Sales provided the roof and wall panels for two restroom areas, a crew building with a California Highway Patrol satellite office and a separate circular structure housing vending machines.

For the roof application, Metal Sales supplied 7,800 square-feet of 22 gauge, 7/8” Corrugated panels with an Acrylic Coated Galvalume® finish.

“A unique aspect of this project is the barrel-style roof,” said Tom Ehlers, Senior Project Engineer of Specialty Construction, general contractor of the project, “Metal Sales supplied panels that were effectively shaped to match the radius of the roof, allowing for a smooth installation.”

For the wall application, Metal Sales supplied 1,600 square feet of 24 gauge, 7/8” Corrugated panels and T2832 panels with a PVDF (Kynar 500®) finish in their Rustic Steel color. The color of the panels compliments the lighter-hued block wall, blending with the California landscape to create a natural feel



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