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Campbell’s Gateway District Vision and Marketing Plan

Camden, NJ United States

Cooper, Robertson & Partners


Project Description

The Campbell Soup Company has called the City of Camden home since 1956. Campbell’s is the master redeveloper for the Gateway District, one of Camden’s most promising areas, and is charged with raising the City’s profile. The Gateway District is a distinct address on the edge of the City and it is highly visible from a network of major roadways that define its limits. Cooper, Robertson & Partners was retained to develop a Vision & Marketing Plan for Campbell’s to highlight the potential of the District, portray a vision for growth, and to attract entities that will share in the responsibility of constructing and maintaining a high-quality corporate environment that promotes a safe, healthy, and prosperous community.

CRP’s plan aims to create a sense of place within the Gateway District that is accessible, diverse, and defined by high quality sustainable architecture and landscape. In order to add value to the Gateway District, CRP has proposed a cohesive network of public open spaces which include streets, plazas, parks, and a reinvented waterfront. They are a diverse group of places that are designed to offer different types of public amenities to meet the desires of the District workforce and its visitors.

Particularly after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, attention has been paid to the Cooper River’s Floodplains. Approximately 5% of the Gateway District is susceptible to damage from a 100-year flood, prompting development activities in the area to be mindful of green-infrastructure design and other flood-relief measures. CRP has helped our client move beyond FEMA BFE measures in crafting the most appropriate steps for future building.


Project Details

Campbell’s Gateway District Vision and Marketing Plan
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Project Team:
    Jackson, IV AIA, Lead Urban Designer; Donald Clinton, AIA, MRAIC, LEED AP, Partner-in-Charge; William Kenworthey, AIA, Project Manager; Lowell Day, Urban Designer
  • Real Estate & Market Consultant: Jones Lang LaSalle 
  • Civil Engineer: Langan 
  • Geotechnical Engineer: Langan 
  • Transportation & Traffic Planner: McCormick Taylor 
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    3,397,680 sq ft


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