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Castle Weitra Courtyard

Weitra, Gmund Austria

SEFAR® Architecture


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Weitra Castle Relies on TENARA® Fabric for Courtyard Renovations

Retractable Fabric Umbrellas Create an All-Weather Event Space

DEPEW, NY…Tucked into the Austrian-Czech border just north of Vienna sits Weitra Castle, a beautiful venue now able to accommodate outdoor events – rain or shine –thanks to SEFAR® Architecture’s TENARA® Fabric.

TENARA Fabric 4T40HF in the form of four 15m x15m all-weather, inverted-style umbrellas gives the castle flexibility and function in its rectangular Renaissance-style courtyard. The umbrellas elegantly open and close – the attached fabric folding and flexing along with them.

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Because it is woven from ePTFE yarn and coated with PTFE, TENARA Fabric can fold and retract countless times without cracking or losing strength. It is also highly resistant to blemishing and degradation, far surpassing all other materials of its kind – perfect for this kinetic application at Weitra Castle.

Standing free from the inner walls of the courtyard, the umbrellas overlap to offer complete coverage of the area below without damaging the castle. TENARA Fabric’s industry-leading 40% light transmission provides shade and rain protection without impeding upon the open feeling in the courtyard and guaranteeing costly events will not be cancelled.

The automatic synchronization of the deployment and retraction of the 12m tall umbrellas creates an event of interest for visitors. At night, multi-colored lighting on the fabric creates a beautiful effect illuminating the courtyard for evening events. Thanks to the durability and versatility of TENARA Fabric, guests can enjoy protection from the elements while enjoying the courtyard’s three-tiered arcade supported on striking granite columns.

Visible from both the Czech Republic and Austria, Weitra Castle is an elegant and historic addition to the landscape of the two nations. The castle itself is a gathering space for dining, theater, corporate groups, and special events.

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Members of the Weitra Castle project team include designer Clauss Markisen, Bissingen-Ochsenwang, Germany, fabricator Koch Membranen, Massachusetts, USA, and Weitra Castle, Weitra, Austria.

About SEFAR Architecture: SEFAR Architecture is a leading manufacturer of monofilament precision and ePTFE yarn fabrics and fabric systems for interior and exterior architectural applications. With comprehensive knowledge in textile architecture, Sefar has cooperated with experienced lighting technicians and polymer experts to develop a new generation of fabrics for the architectural and design community. For more information on SEFAR Architecture’s products and services, call Peter Katcha at 727-388-4919 or visit


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Castle Weitra Courtyard
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    Clauss Markisen, Designer; Koch Membranen, Fabricator.
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SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric

SEFAR® Architecture TENARA® Fabric is made of a base fabric of woven high strength expanded PTFE fibers. In the case of coated/waterproof fabrics, additional coatings are applied to render it completely waterproof. TENARA® Fabric lets you create exciting designs that have never been possible before. This innovative fabric transmits light brilliantly, folds and drapes beautifully, and lasts for years-even outdoors. It's the ideal material for luminous tensioned fabric structures, retractable roofs, air inflated structures, sculptures and lightweight structures of all kinds.



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