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Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral

Mexico, Mexico Mexico

Broissin Architects


Project Description

Inspired in the movement of a conductor´s baton, the building design is composed of five concrete roofs moving up and down in harmony to give shape, space and light to the project. Each roof represents a staff´s line, always straight, constant and parallel.

We are looking forward to create a project that lives for the site trees as these will live as a part of it. We cannot think about a dark and traditional concert hall when the project is being developed in a forest area with huge and old trees.

The lines composing the façade move up and down as branches moving in the wind, letting the sunlight pass through, creating a fantasy parade in the middle of the shadow´s mystery.

Step by step, the visitor discovers the project, a soft and kindly merge between nature and man intervention, walks through the access square with a relaxed mind, just observing everything around him, feeling how the concert hall is more than just steel and concrete, it is an invitation to reflection, to feel the harmony inside and outside and to discover the wonderful and magic world of music.

The building wraps you inside, its shape turns into the shape of music. It is not a whim or about fashion, it is just about the sound of music traveling around every space, every seat, every corner, giving shape to every dream, to every song.

Outside, the white concrete in the façade represents the purity and originality of the Mexican music, inside, the red concert hall represents the Mexican composers´ passion.


Seating system: double herringbone

Auditorium layout: Classical Greek with prosceniumstage

Structure: Concrete and steel framework, pilot foundation system

Total area: 9,287 sqm

Total floor area: 2,000 sqm

Volume rate: 9,287 sqm

Site area: 17,679 sqm

Additional information: 550KW backup battery system

Wastewater treatment system

Rainwater recycling system


Concert hall for 850 spectators

156 square meters stage

Recording studio: 100 square meters

Dressing rooms:

principal (3.60 x 4.60m) with bathroom

dressing room 1 (2.20m x 4.60m) with bathroom

dressing room 2 ( 2.20 x 4.60) with bathroom

2 general dressing rooms( 6.70m x 7.40m /each) with 2 showers, 1 wc and 4 washbasins

Service areas:





Lobby , multipurpose area. 641sqm

Ofices : 740 square meters

102 parking spaces in 4 levels

Council room for 22 persons


Project Details

Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral
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Project Team:
    Gerardo Broissin, Architect; David Suarez, Project manager; Mauricio Cristobal, Project architect; Rodrigo Jimenez, Project architect; Alejandro Rocha, Project architect;
  • Structural Engineer: Armando Serralde 
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Project Status:
Year Completed:
Project Size:
    9,287 sq m


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