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Charles David Keeling Apartments

San Diego, CA United States


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2012 Annual Design Review


This 160,000-square-foot, LEED-Platinum housing complex for 510 students at the University of California, San Diego, is designed to promote life-changing understanding about issues of sustainability. Student residents are immersed in a year-long, live-and-learn setting focused on environmental responsibility. Each six-person apartment is configured to benefit from natural ventilation, with daylighting and framed landscape views.

The design facilitates the active use of exterior spaces, encouraging student interaction through circulation that fosters chance encounters, and spaces that are well-suited for individual and group activity. The white concrete exterior ties the building visually to the existing campus architecture, provides comfort through thermal mass, and increases reflectance of natural light. Harsh afternoon sun is blocked either by precast concrete panels or through the innovative use of an industrial fiberglass grating. In addition, stormwater is managed on site through courtyard basins, a vegetated roof, and the natural arroyo.

”The client’s statement was important to me here—that these units that serve over 500 students ‘were taken in just over an hour during the room selection process!’ ’’ —Elizabeth Ranieri


Project Details

Charles David Keeling Apartments
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Project Team:
    KieranTimberlake, Architect; Kate Czembor, Project Architect
  • Design Partner: KieranTimberlake - James Timberlake 
  • Design Partner: KieranTimberlake - Stephen Kieran 
  • Associate-In-Charge: KieranTimberlake - Joanne Aitken 
  • Design Team: KieranTimberlake - Richard Hodge 
  • Design Team: KieranTimberlake - David Feaster 
  • Design Team: KieranTimberlake - Zinat Yusufzai 
  • Design Team: KieranTimberlake - Elizabeth Kahley 
  • Design Team: KieranTimberlake - Randy Knight 
  • Design Team: KieranTimberlake - Andrew Schlatter 
  • Design Team: KieranTimberlake - Derek Brown 
  • Design Team: KieranTimberlake - Roderick Bates 
  • Landscape Architect: Spurlock Poirier 
  • Electrical Engineer: Sparling 
  • M/E/FP Engineer: IBE Consulting Engineers 
  • Structural Engineer: Inertia Engineers 
  • Civil Engineer: Nasland Engineering 
  • Cost Estimating: International Consultants 
  • Specifications Consultant: Technical Resources Consultant 
  • Environmental Consultant: Atelier Ten 
  • Lighting Consultant: Candela 
  • Construction Manager: Swinerton Builders 
  • Aerial Photographer: Lenska Aerial Images 
  • Photographer: Tim Griffith 
Project Scope:
Project Type:
Project Status:
Year Completed:
Project Size:
    159,600 sq ft
Construction Cost:


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