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Children's Palace

Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Province China



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This is a competition entry for a children's activity center in eastern China. The design aims to solve a series of intertwining issues with one simple and innovative solution. All functions are integrated into one volume that only occupies the larger site, eliminating the need for phasing. The building is situated at the southwest corner of the site, creating a generous waterside plaza that it shares with the city. The topology of the plaza is revised, not only to provide two entrance levels that ensure fast and safe egress in the event of emergency, but also to create a lively and vibrant waterside scene. Inside the building, spaces of different uses and heights spiral up around a central courtyard that serves as the central "hub" of the building. From there, users can choose to go to any spaces inside the building. The large assembly hall and the daycare are located at the bottom of the building, while "quiet" spaces and spaces for older children are located at the top levels. At the same time, a "market" for young entrepreneurs is created at the second-floor entrance level. This is a children's village that is folded and stacked into a vertical children's city.


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Children's Palace
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    Jia Hua
  • Structural Engineer: STCD (Beijing 
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    50,338 sq m
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