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Cobb Gate Renovation

Chicago, IL United States

LCM Architects


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Cobb Gate is considered by many to be the main entrance to The University of Chicago. Built in 1900 of Indiana limestone it was a gift from architect Henry Ives Cobb. A campus icon, the gate is embellished with gargoyles and other stone carvings. On axis from the main library to the historic quadrangle, Cobb Gate is a key element of campus circulation.

The walking slope through Cobb Gate exceeded permissible accessible slopes. Revising the path to meet an appropriate walking grade without handrails required:

• Redesign of stone entry steps and iron handrails for two flanking buildings within the gate.

• New limestone panels to cover rubble foundation exposed by lowered grade.

• Thoughtful detailing of new stonework at foundation and steps to reflect original design intent.

• Lowering the roof and floor of an underground utility tunnel beneath the gate.

• Sensitive selection of new paving materials and sizes.

• Removal and restoration to working condition of original iron gates.

• Extremely detailed analysis and coordination of north-south running slope and east-west slopes to meet requirements while also meeting existing walk at north and at 56th street.


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Cobb Gate Renovation
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