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Comprehensive Vision Plan for Green + Civic Spaces in Greater Downtown Kansas City

Kansas City, MO United States

Kansas City Design Center


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Green and civic spaces are a significant factor in the livability of any city. The intention of this project is to rethink, reconsider, and re-envision the idea and definitions of those spaces and their relationship. The plan aims to provide a constructive vision for an ordered and related system of urban spaces that will enhance functional and spatial cohesion of the downtown area and serve as an instrument for qualitative change and development within the Greater Downtown Area of Kansas City.

The project was originally conceived in collaboration with the Kansas City Downtown Council Green Space Committee and subsequently funded and executed through the support of the city PIAC funds and in cooperation with the Parks and Recreation Department of KCMO. The specific purpose of the project was to create a comprehensive vision plan for green and civic space in the downtown KCMO area building on the work of the Green Space Committee and aligning it with the Greater Downtown Area Plan and related ongoing urban improvement projects.

Reconnecting aims to create a compelling perspective that is rooted in an understanding of the place and its circumstances as well as the study of advanced contemporary practices. The project also offers a constructive vision that exceeds normative typology and recasts the city in an integrated view laden with forward-thinking possibilities to enhance its character and livability through green and civic space design.


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Comprehensive Vision Plan for Green + Civic Spaces in Greater Downtown Kansas City
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