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Conditioning of Todo Puebla offices

Puebla, Central Mexico

Constructora Andresons


Project Description is a mexican website that shows and promotes the numerous events and expositions that take place in the magical city of Puebla.

The team is composed by several young people that required a modern and creative workspace, with bright colors and open angles. The client specified the need for several parlor spaces and a food station.

The construction has several drywalls and false ceilings that make this a very dynamic space to work at. The project was developed in 9 hard working weeks.


Project Details

Conditioning of Todo Puebla offices
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Project Team:
    Arq. Andrés Orea, Arq. Mauricio Mota, Arq. Humberto Vera
  • Electrical Engineer: Ing. Kurt Krouger 
  • Plumbing Engineer: Servicios Ilimitados 
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Project Size:
    125 sq m


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