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Conga Room

Los Angeles, CA United States


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Located near Los Angeles’ Staples Center, the Conga Room is a Latin-inspired interior with a functional and malleable layout for live entertainment, dancing, and events. Petal-shaped acoustic tiles can be angled to modulate sound and reflect the heavy bass and pitch of rumba and salsa music, and a computerized LED system can be synchronized with the beat.

Jury: “The exploration of dance concepts, modular shapes, acoustics, and bold colorful form exhibited in this project are combined in a way that one would never expect.”

Client: “The greatest return on investment is from event planners and party opportunities. People love the exciting décor along with its functionality. We get a lot of parties and bookings as a direct result of the look and feel of the venue.” —Bradley S. Gluckstein, president and CEO, Apex Realty/the Conga Room


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Conga Room
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