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Coupet Enclosure

Chicago, IL United States

Vladimir Radutny Architects


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This project mandated the division of an awkwardly-configured bedroom into two distinct sleeping quarters. Because of the open character of the loft space and the existing tall ceilings, we approached the solution with the understanding that the new configuration would ultimately result in relatively small yet tall spaces. In light of this, we chose to bring down one’s visual perception of the spaces and created a separation which allowed for one dedicated (existing) window within each of the new rooms. In tandem with the concern for adequate light and ventilation, we were also tasked with maintaining acoustical and visual separation between each of the two new spaces. This was achieved with the removal of all unnecessary existing partitions coupled with the strategic placement of a partial-height wood-clad wall. As a result, a new transitional space emerged, linking the living space with the newly-defined bedrooms.

The new enclosure for the main sleeping zone is meant to read as an inserted-mass. After entering the space through a concealed door, one realizes that the mass is just a simple composition of two delicate, L-shaped walls. These walls are clad with alternating vertical oak strips providing depth and lightness within. Both natural and artificial light brings out the resulting pattern and the intended depth of the cladding material.

Ultimately, the small intervention has transcended the simplicity of its function (to separate) to become the main binding-element of the loft space, stitching together surrounding spaces and blurring the boundaries between them.


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Coupet Enclosure
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    Vladimir Radutny, Paul Tebben, Joe Signorelli, Lorena Darquea Schettini
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    275 sq ft


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