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CRCM – Concrete Rib Construction Method – patent US 8,429,876 B2

Cathedral City, CA United States

Eugenio Aburto, AIA-E


Project Description

This custom house is a demonstration of a new patented cast-in-place concrete construction method for both walls and roof. The structure:

•Is economical to build and occupy.

•Is resistant to fire, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, flooding, termites, and mold.

Form work and rigid insulation shape T-beam modules in the exterior walls and roof for a monolithic structure – maximum strength with minimum concrete volume. The integral insulation makes the home extremely energy efficient.

The design is based on a similar system I developed to build thousands of structures in Mexico, where earthquakes are frequent. No one was damaged for more than 40 years.

Forms can be reused to construct multiple houses, thereby increasing affordability.


Project Details

CRCM – Concrete Rib Construction Method – patent US 8,429,876 B2
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    Eugenio Aburto, arch., Julio Guerra SE, OVT Construction, GC
  • Structural Engineer: Julio Guerra 
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    2,870 sq ft
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