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Creative Arts and Design Center

Atherton, CA United States

Kevin Hart Architecture


Project Description

The School’s vibrant curriculum in music, visual arts and drama has a long-needed home in this new 40,000 gsf building, the second of three masterplanned by KHA. Constrained by a small site, vocal residential neighbors, and a limited budget, the design strategy provides flexible loft spaces focused around a two-story gallery for display and performance.

Three large classrooms are specialized for orchestra, band, and choral music practice, all with excellent acoustical characteristics and tall ceilings achieved by lowering the ground floor five feet below grade. An 84-foot wide painting and sculpture studio is filled with daylight from north-facing windows, and glazed sectional overhead doors open the studio to the gallery. Upstairs, rooms for photography, digital arts, drama and department faculty are accessed from walkways surrounding and bridging the gallery. A trellis, bench and kiln shed define an exterior workspace.

Except for the critical musical instrument rooms, the building is not air conditioned; instead, well-placed operable windows and louvers enable effective cross-ventilation. LEED Silver is targeted.


Project Details

Creative Arts and Design Center
Shared by:
Project Team:
    Kevin Hart, principal; Tim Morshead, project architect
  • Structural Engineer: Hohbach-Lewin 
  • General Contractor: Vance Brown Builders 
Project Type:
Project Status:
Year Completed:
Project Size:
    40,000 sq ft
Construction Cost:


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