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Darris Lee Harris

Chicago, IL United States

Brininstool + Lynch


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This mixed-use project was developed as two residential slabs set against the street and highway to best optimize view and sun while maintaining the street wall. The resultant corner not only identifies the entry to the building but, when viewed from the highway below, entry to the City.

Clear and translucent glazing combined with architectural metal and concrete articulate the lobby and retail functions while masking the garage and building services within the three story base. An exterior level above provides a space for private and shared activities, composed in water, stone, vegetation, and wood.

The residences overlooking the terrace are developed with full height glass and projected balconies to heighten their experience of skyline views, while street side residences have floating spandrels and inset terraces to mediate their exposure. Similar materials, forms, and details continue the architecture from the exterior to the building’s interior.

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Project Details

Darris Lee Harris
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Project Team:
    David Brininstool (design principal); Dan Martus (project manager); Dominic Passeri (project architect)
  • Civil Engineer: Terra Engineering 
  • Structural Engineer: C.E. Anderson & Associates 
  • Mechanical Engineer: C.E. Anderson & Associates 
  • Electrical Engineer: C.E. Anderson & Associates 
  • Plumbing Engineer: C.E. Anderson & Associates 
  • Environmental Systems Design: C.E. Anderson & Associates 
  • Photography: Darris Lee Harris, Padgett and Co. 
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