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David Schulz Aquatic Center

Milwaukee, WI United States

Quorum Architects, Inc.


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The master plan goal was to develop key aquatic facilities to meet the needs of the citizens, provide community recreation and abide with the mission of the Parks Department. The Lincoln Park swimming facility was chosen to be redesigned under the Milwaukee County Aquatic Master Plan due to its size and demographic area. The new aquatic center replaces the existing swimming pool and increase the capacity from 935 to 1300 or greater. To make the center unique, the Lincoln Park Aquatic center also to provides different amenities and features that are located at other waterparks in the Milwaukee area.

Quorum Architects, Inc. worked with a team of consultants in the development phase of the project. Our responsibility for the project was to develop the existing bathhouse to include amenities such as concessions, restrooms/changing areas, picnic shelter(s), administration offices, and pool equipment storage. We participated in public meetings to gain input from the community and to understand their needs and goals of the new center. Based on these meetings, our firm created a space needs program for the bathhouse. We collaborated with our team consultants to ensure the design and character of the building integrated with the overall design of the center. The center is complete and enjoyed by the community and visitors to the neighborhood.


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David Schulz Aquatic Center
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    Allyson Nemec, Mark Knapp
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