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Daytona Rising

Daytona Beach, FL United States


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ROSSETTI has been working with International Speedway Corporation (ISC), parent company of historic Daytona International Speedway, to completely transform the nearly mile-long grandstand into a brand new experience for fans, media, sponsors, drivers and employees.

ROSSETTI began working with ISC through extensive visioning workshops to determine new design themes, programming of the grandstand and master planning of the site. The vision for the DIS redevelopment emphasizes a complete street-to-seat fan experience.The architectural design of the grandstand is a visual and experiential interpretation of racing itself that will immerse fans in the experience. In place of the current grandstand will be a modern, 120' high structure that spans nearly a mile along the front straightaway. The design creates a modern stadium-like atmosphere by using contemporary forms and materials.

Sponsors will have the opportunity to create a brand immersion experience at each of the five new entrances ("injectors") along International Speedway Boulevard. Escalators will deliver fans to "neighborhood" social areas - each the size of a football field. The central neighborhood, the "World Center of Racing," will celebrate the history of Daytona International Speedway and its many historic moments throughout more than 50 years of racing. In addition to the fan, the design boosts corporate involvement to new levels.

The project, dubbed DAYTONA Rising: Reimagining an American Icon, is scheduled for completion in January 2016.


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Daytona Rising
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  • Construction Manager: Barton Malow 
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    2,500,000 sq ft


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