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Die Scheibe


Gewerbeplan GmbH


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The drawings have been made by two experienced architects being members of a well-known architect’s office in Germany with more than 60 employees.

All the detailed drawings and calculations which are necessary to get the allowance for erecting the building in Germany are available. The building law in Germany is one of the most restrictive regulation in the world . So you can deduce that it would be sufficient for most other countries.

Depending on the needs /requirements of the investor there are different opportunities. But within the current drawings and construction plans the elevators, supply lines, technical features and all the other aspects are presumed in a basic version.

The very special “grounding” requires the utilization of light, modern and sophisticated materials. So for example multi-layer-materials etc. – additionally the very special surface will be used for energy supply with the latest technology in solar energy panels.

There is no restriction regarding the possible usage – company headquarter, hotel, residence – everything is possible.


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Die Scheibe
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    Rainer Willner
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    7,000 sq m
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