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Drexel University, Recreation and Fitness Room

Philadelphia, PA United States


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Strength and conditioning at Drexel University requires ropes, squats and high intensity training, which translates to student athletes jumping, running, and pushing hard against the school’s 2,140 square foot multipurpose room. Until recently, these workouts were done on hardwood floors in a 1970s-era facility. There was no cushioning and little shock absorption, if any.

Drexel students now have a beautiful new sports flooring that provides them with the impact-friendly surface that they need to excel. At Drexel, a light gray Regupol® Kombi™ multipurpose sports surface prominently displays the university mascot in the center. It not only looks great, but is also a welcome relief for the athletes who regularly jump, dive and run in the freshly face-lifted facility.

It wasn't just the students who were pleased with the change. Regupol Kombi was installed directly on top of the hardwood flooring, which created savings in terms of both installation time and expense for Drexel University's Athletic Department. Furthermore, the department can rest assured knowing that Kombi manufacturing is quality controlled from start to finish, ensuring lasting performance even under the most demanding sports and training conditions. With Regupol Kombi, the Drexel Dragons have a new reason to celebrate the upcoming season.


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Drexel University, Recreation and Fitness Room
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    Thor Performance Products, Installation
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    2,140 sq ft
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Specified Products

Regupol America Regupol® Kombi™

Regupol Kombi multipurpose sports surfaces are the perfect solution for facilities that host demanding ball sports, running, and training. Kombi is manufactured using a proprietary process that gives increased toughness and long term sports performance, across the board.

Regupol Kombi is made from a cushioning base layer fused with a dense wear layer of highly compressed EPDM rubber. Getting installation off to a flying start, Kombi has a structure that easily rolls out over concrete sub-surfaces, minimizing seams and installation costs.



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