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Fitzsimmons Architects


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The concept was to utilize the quirky layout, industrial character and different levels of the existing raw space to organize various Dry/Shop functions and to explore how the “bar” could be used to create unity between spaces. Raw space was softened with furniture, fabrics and color. Bold graphics and shapes gave life to the space.

A hot pink “bar” wraps around the shop, its function varying as it moves through the space. Near the entrance it is display shelf, reappearing against storefront as window display. As it turns a corner it becomes the blow-dry bar, accommodating 6 stations. Above, a brightly colored cnc-routed wood and painted relief wall invokes the image of hair – some standard colors and some for when you feel like something different. Sheer drapes hang behind blow-dry stations, giving warmth to the space and creating slight separation between bar and shopping area.

The bar continues as railing on the mezzanine level, with 3 washing stations and bright yellow walls. It turns a corner to become counter for the premier hair stylist station, with a clear view over the entire shop. A centrally-located living room-like area provides a comfortable waiting space and hangout space for small parties.

Contrasting elements of bright vs neutral colors and hard industrial surfaces vs soft fabrics tie together the meandering bold shape and color of the “bar”. A fun, contemporary atmosphere is created by combining various functions and spaces all open to each other, yet with their own distinct characteristics and space-defining elements.


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    Brian Fitzsimmons, Architect; Jason Deborah Richards, Project Manager
  • General Contractor: Lingo Construction 
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