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EaDo Promenade

Houston, TX United States



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Houston Land Water Sustainability Forum’s 2010 Low Impact Development (LID) Design Competition challenged the design team to address low impact development at an urban scale. Specific to an area east of downtown, but having broader applications to other areas of the Gulf Coast, planning and engineering strategies focus on stormwater run-off management tied to an urban ecological sensitivity. As the winning submission, this design solution promotes a vibrant, mixed-use development in an urban setting. By using the tools of low impact development, it enabled to define the sustainable character of the EaDo district, promoted a vibrant mixed-use development, and engages Houston residents with the planned development. Design guidelines were set for ideal retail tenant mixes, mixed-used partners, parking, density needs and sustainable architecture design, that helped establish a clear connection with the LID goals and create a successful development. These guidelines reduce volume and post development runoff rate, improve structural insulation, reduce energy requirements, increase water quality, decrease downstream storm sewer sizes, and reduce “heat island” effect. Ultimately, the project proved that Low Impact Development practices can be adapted to Houston area conditions and that doing so can bring a host of benefits. The winning solution improves the water quality in our streams, bayous and bays, and reduces flooding, all while restoring the natural habitat. A localized solution that has broad implications: enhancing the natural aesthetics of our surroundings, quality of life, and turn infrastructure into an amenity.


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EaDo Promenade
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    Houston Land Water Sustainability Forum – Low Impact Development Competition, Urban Redevelopment Winner, Developer
  • Civil Engineer: Walter P. Moore – Kevin Sullivan, Gareth Young, Charles Penland 
  • Landscape Architect: Clark Condon – Shelia Condon, Riley Anderson, Matt Dawson, Ethan Primm, Paul Weathers 
  • Estimator: Dan Pope 
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