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eMOTION(ing) topography




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The project is about the ri-territorialization of a series of commercial warehouses: combining the need to renovate the facade and to design the parking area in front of the building, the architecture reconnects the building to the surrounding environment through the staging of a new landscape that tries to absorb the character of that country side, now forgotten by that area of the town, outskirt of Pordenone.

A light modular structure supports the semi-transparent protective tech fabric and thirty thousand flexible blades that cover four thousand square meters parking area: the system offers, in the summer season, a delightful diffused shadow in different layers. The rubber blades are moved by the wind gifting an always different dynamic effect, creating an emotional landscape, evoking an evergreen grass field. The blades are part of a photovoltaic system, in fact they are covered by a soft flexible membrane equipped by small semi-spherical silicon spheres.


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eMOTION(ing) topography
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