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Estadio Castelao

Fortaleza Brazil

Vigliecca & Associados


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It has been determined for the 2014 World Cup a reform, expansion and modernization of Castelão stadium’s facilities in order to meet FIFA international requirements. The main intervention consists in the construction of a platform for the occupants with more than 100,000 m2 serving as an interface between the urban area and the stadium access, assuring at the same time the segregation of the public within the stadium. On this platform a 2,000-vehicle parking lot will be inserted, together with Ceara State Department of Sports and VIP-Press access.

By having the lower grandstand box demolished and the field level lowered, the public will get closer to the event, therefore experiencing great excitement. Part of the upper grandstand will be demolished, making room for a new space in which brand new seats will be wedge-like inserted instead, all of them containing VIP premium seats and press boxes. Furthermore, the stadium will be given an entire new roof and a new facade.

The new stadium project intent goes beyond specific functional problems; it aims to achieve an image of modernity, consequently becoming the city’s new sightseeing point. Hence, the project presents new parameters for occupancy and preservation, given that all kinds of reform and construction estimated for the stadium will, undoubtedly, high value the surroundings of the area in a striking and irreversible way, thus generating a new centrality of entertainment on a metropolitan scale.

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Estadio Castelao
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Project Team:
    Héctor Vigliecca, Luciene Quel, Ronald Werner, Neli Shimizu, Caroline Bertoldi, Bianca Riotto, Fabio Pittas, Fernanda Trotti, Hernani Paiva, Kelly Bozzato, Luiz Marino, Mayara Christ, Pedro Ichimaru, Rafael Alcantara, Sérgio Faraulo, Thaisa Fróes, Gabriel Farias, Paulo Serra, Luci Maie, Renata Haring
  • Construction Manager: Galvão + Andrade Mendonça 
  • Roof structure: Projeto Alpha 
  • Concrete structure: MD Engenharia 
  • Steel structure: Pengec Engenharia e Consultoria 
  • Special electrical engineering: Techna Consultoria 
  • Plumbing Engineer: Fase Engenharia 
  • Mechanical Engineer: Comaru 
  • Acoustical engineering: Audium Áudio e Acústica 
  • Landscape Architect: Rodolfo Geiser Paisagismo e Meio Ambiente 
  • Crowd movement consultant: SDG 
  • Frame consultant: Arqmate Consultoria 
  • Thermal comfort consultant: A.R. Frota Arquitetura 
  • LEED consultant: Otec 
  • 3D Model: Planomotor 
  • Photographer: Ricardo Correa 
  • Photographer: Leonardo Finotti 
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Project Size:
    230,000 sq m


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