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Estadio Do Maracana

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Fernandes / Arquitectos Associados


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Identity preserved in the Maracanã modernization

The Jornalista Mário Filho Stadium, the Maracanã, one of the biggest icons in the history of soccer, has been going through a 'retrofit' for the 2014 World Cup. Fernandes´ main concept of the project is the modernization of the structures whilst preserving its remarkable features. The façade, for example, will be maintained, what will make the Maracanã to remain virtually intact from the outside. Inside the arena, a new roof will be built; it stands out for not having visual impacts, as it will be "invisible" from the outside of the stadium. Grandstands and other service facilities will be redesigned to meet current standards and requirements.

The modernization will bring up a new Maracanã stadium, preserving the striking features of this icon of the History of Soccer.

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Estadio Do Maracana
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