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Exeter School

Exeter, MO United States


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Dake Wells Architecture — This school in Exeter, Mo.—population 749—is small in comparison to others in Barry County, but it has the same programmatic requirements. Dake Wells Architecture took the need for a new gymnasium, cafeteria, and theater and created a centrally located multi-use space in what was once a courtyard between five buildings.

The walls of the distinctive interior are clad in sound absorbent tectum panels, and a wooden "wrapper"—inspired by sushi—focuses attention on the stage while diffusing the sound during performances. The stage can serve as a drama classroom—its space is acoustically isolated from the gymnasium by an insulated overhead garage door emblazoned with the school's "Tigers" moniker.

Ellen Dunham-Jones was impressed by the response to the acoustical challenges, while Carlos Jimenez lauded the aesthetic of the folded plane.

Forced by a $2.2 million budget to be modest, the architects embraced the multi-faceted challenge with a simple solution. Aaron Betsky noted the importance of this lesson for other architects: "If you're going to make a difference, this is how you can."


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Exeter School
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Project Team:
    Brandon Dake, architect; Brandon Dake, principal-in-charge; Andrew Wells, architect; Andrew Wells, principal; Joshua Harrold, architectural intern; Emily Harrold, architectural intern;
  • Structural Engineer: Jones & Associates 
  • Electrical Engineer: Genesis Design Group 
  • Mechanical Engineer: Genesis Design Group 
  • Plumbing Engineer: Genesis Design Group 
  • Acoustical Consultant: Bruce E. Moore 
  • Daylighting Consultant: EMSI 
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