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FAR ROC Competition: Small Means & Great Ends

NY United States


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Small Means & Great Ends incorporates a series of small, affordable, and smart interventions that center on three strategies: reduce and control damage; provide access in the event of a storm; and ensure quick recovery. The design aims not only to better weather future natural disasters, but also to create a stronger socio-economic environment–moving beyond resilience and becoming ‘antifragile’, where both the design and community benefit and improve after enduring stress.


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FAR ROC Competition: Small Means & Great Ends
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    Krister Lindstedt, Sander Schuur, Geoff Denton, RIBA, Anna Edblom, Petter Lindencrona, Sam Keshavarz, Anna Graaf, Tobias Lindqvist Ottosson, Christoph Duckart (White Arkitekter); Tom Kennedy, Sherazad Mehta, Vincent Lee, Hemal Patel, Eric Rivers, Varanesh Singh, Peter Tillson, Cossel Chang, Adam Friedberg (ARUP); Madeline Burke-Vigeland, AIA (Gensler)


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