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Farmhouse in the City

Madison, WI United States

KEE Architecture


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An update of the traditional Midwestern balloon-framed farmhouse, this project undertook to reinvent an 1868 farmhouse in a historic downtown neighborhood. The original frame was preserved, and the entire envelope was built using a double stud and spray foam construction. The house features a reclaimed 1914 glazed tile silo housing the bathrooms, 4.5 kW solar electric and (5) 5x8 solar hot water systems, radiant in-floor heat, ground concrete floors, and a composting toilet. The double-stud construction allows the stud framing to be exposed to the interior, highlighting the original rough-sawn wood framing (which was sandblasted) - this old wood is contrasted with sustainably harvested strand-lumber stud framing for the new portion. All casework and trim was custom made.


Project Details

Farmhouse in the City
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    Kristofer Nonn
  • Structural Engineer: William Siebers 
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    1,600 sq ft
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