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Fitness Center

Villahermosa, Tabasco Mexico


Project Description

The concept of this building arose from the consideration of the position and shape of the terrain , a triangular plot of 500 m2 located on a street with a seven –meter incline in between .the parking lot covers the entire ground floor and seeks to follow the decline. Since the rooms could not be uneven, the final part is nine meters above street level.

A main stairway leads to the entrance located on the second floor of the club where one enters the gym area and from there, goes downstairs by way of a central staircase to the lounge and bathrooms.

The plot used to be in front of the urban development of Tabasco 2000, thus we suggested raising a glass curtain so that users of the club could enjoy the view. The high temperatures led us to propose the use of a tempered double-glass window façade next to a Low-e. A silkscreen was applied to the window permitting viewing from the inside looking out, with the reverse effect from the outside.

The last section of the building is supported by a double triangle shape steel elements, according with the form of the land.

Also in this final part and due of the triangle shape of the terrain, the building goes from wider to narrow.


Project Details

Fitness Center
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Project Team:
    Mario Bolivar Gonzalez
  • Civil Engineer: Genesis 
  • Lighting Designer: L+F 
  • Structural Engineer: Nonacsa 
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Year Completed:
Project Size:
    800 sq m
Construction Cost:


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