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Flying Hawk shape Farm House, Adana, Turkey

Adana Turkey

Malik Arch Practice


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Flying Hawk shape Farm House, Adana, Turkey

The client has two distinctive hobbies, keeping hawks and jogging. This Farm House is designed by keeping in view of these hobbies.

The layout of Farm House building in designed in form of ‘Flying Hawk’.

Flying Hawk has three visible features while flying, head, wings and tail. Head is in form of pool and B.B.Q. Deck, wings as different rooms on both sides and car porch as tail.

The landscape of farm house is designed keeping in view of other hobby ‘jogging’. Landscape is designed by using two geometrical shapes, created from circle. As farmhouse plot is in square shape, therefore circular jogging track overlapped by four small circles at four corners of the farm house. Tall plants would be planted on all four sides of farm house to have good wind and noise protection.

This is the aim of Malik Arch Practice to design futurist buildings keeping in view of technological advancements, therefore solar panels would be installed on top of the building and light poles along the jogging track and rain water collection and recycling system would be installed.


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Flying Hawk shape Farm House, Adana, Turkey
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    Ar. Anwar UL Islam (0300-6969847)
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