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G. Smith Motorsports

St. Rose, LA United States


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G. Smith Motorsports builds custom motorcycles. They recently installed a MacroAir AirVolution HVLS fan to create better air circulation in their building. The fans allowed them to run the air conditioning at a lower temperature, thus creating a more comfortable environment and saving them around $1,800 in the first month of the fan's operation.

In addition, Louisiana is known for their humidity and heat. The MacroAir AirVolution HVLS fan reduces the moisture that is able to build up, helping eliminate the possibility of rust on the custom motorcycles.


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G. Smith Motorsports
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    Jason Hornsby
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    20,000 sq ft

Specified Products

MacroAir AirVolution HVLS Fan

Our most popular and energy-efficient electric fan, AirVolution™ fan creates a comfortable environment while delivering substantial cost savings. AirVolution fans perform beautifully everywhere, from warehouses to stadiums to offices. AirVolution is so efficient, just one fan can replace 10 conventional high-speed fans.

Using six blades instead of ten, AirVolution fans work by generating a large column of air that gently flows down to the ground and outward 360 degrees. The large, slow moving air mass moves throughout the space, mixing and circulating air more efficiently.

The remarkably quiet operation of the AirVolution fan won’t create unnecessary noise or distraction and the gentle airflow won’t create or stir up dust. Most importantly, the AirVolution costs only 31¢ per day to operate and four of them can replace 40 high-speed fans, reducing noise, energy costs, and maintenance.



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