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Giant Interactive Group Corporate Headquarters

Shanghai China


Project Description


Emerging Organically from Complexity

The Giant Campus is a compact village that accommodates diverse programmatic functions in a flexible framework of architectural forms that move into and out of a sculpted landscape. An undulating office building and an augmented ground plane marry architecture to landscape and environment to site. Liberated from a primary ordering device such as figure-ground, competing layers disperse, fragment, and integrate. The once clear delineation of man-made and nature blurs into a wet palimpsest, and familiar distinctions between city and landscape, site and non-site, imagined and real bleed into one another. Landscape, once the blank canvas for architecture and urbanism, becomes an active tool, shaped by complex urban forces but also, reciprocally, shaping its context.

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Project Details

Giant Interactive Group Corporate Headquarters
Shared by:
  • Design Institute: MAA Engineering Consultants (Shanghai) Co. 
  • Local Architect: SURV 
  • Structural Engineer: Bao Ye 
  • Structural Engineer: MAA Engineers 
  • Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti Group 
  • Mechanical Engineer: IBE Consulting Engineers 
  • Mechanical Engineer: MAA Engineers 
  • Electrical Engineer: IBE Consulting Engineers 
  • Electrical Engineer: MAA Engineers 
  • Interior Designer: Morphosis Architects 
  • Landscape Architect: SWA Group 
  • Landscape Architect: TOPO Design Group 
  • Lighting Designer: Luminesce Design 
  • General Contractor: China State Construction Engineering 
  • General Contractor: Company 3rd Bureau 
  • Project Team: Marty Doscher 
Project Type:
Project Status:
Year Completed:
Project Size:
    258,300 sq ft


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