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Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA United States

Intense Lighting, Inc.


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After several years of planning and construction, visitors to downtown Los Angeles can now enjoy Grand Park, a distinctive and highly diverse civic park filled with large, open spaces and beautifully designed gardens. Hundreds of trees and plantings representing three different continents literally provide a breath of fresh air into the hart of the city and its people. Grand Park stretches over an expansive, four-block, 12-acre site between The Music Center on the west, to City Hall on the east.

"For Grand Park, we worked to create a very public design that is both elegant and durable," says Tony Paradowski, project designer at Rios Clementi Hale Studios. "One of the goals of the project is to restore the central visual axis to the Park, a design feature that was critical to the original symmetry of the Civic Mall. The various grand stairways that mark the central axis of the Park are lit using the V-Rail Handrail system from Intense Lighting to reinforce the central axis and distinguish the central stairways from the perimeter pathways."

"We are always looking at ways to use products that are integrated into architectural elements," says Lighting Designer Ronit Fraenkel, LEED, AP, of Lighting Design Alliance (LDA) of Long Beach, CA. "The V-Rail system offers an interesting design feature that worked well with our limited budget. It offers different color temperature options so we could maintain the warm, white light that is used throughout the park. They also offer various lumen outputs within the V-Rail line, so we achieved higher levels of light for safety purposes at various stairways."


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Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles
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    Rios Clementi Hale Studios - Designers, Lighting Design Alliance - Lighting Designers, Rosendin Electrical Specialty Contractors - Installation
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Specified Products

Intense Lighting, Inc. LED V-Rail Handrail System

The new Gen 2 V-Rail System proves the same unrivaled performance and efficiency that lighting designers discovered with the original V-Rail family but now it comes with many visual and functional enhancements to the product line.

V-Rail Gen 2 features:

The all new extruded aluminum inner rail core increases strength and thermal management.

With the elimination of spacer tubes, the top rail section is now a complete and seamless solid assembly, resulting in a stronger top rail.

Elimination of the hex hex screws on the outer lends provides a clean, unobtrusive appearance.

Decreased lens aperture to 160 degrees provides additional glare control and cut-off for unparalleled performance.

All extruded top rail construction materials are made in the U.S.A.

Custom design and custom fabricated rail systems are now available.

Customers can now choose to have the power supply integral to the post, or supplied remotely.



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