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Guangzhou Opera House

Guangzhou China


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The buildings were not conceived planimetrically, with notions of front, back, and sides, but rather were modeled dynamically in 3D, so the resulting buildings and landscape are omnidirectional. Outside, the buildings are defined by their faceted structural skin, covered in triangular tiles made of glass and white and black granite.

The lobbies are voluminous, column-free public rooms. Terraces and staircases cantilevering from the theater volume provide a grand architectural promenade and a stage for the audience itself.

The sweeping staircases and sculpted terraces of the foyer in the main volume give way to the auditorium, where curving balconies—designed to fragment the sound acoustically and to assure sight lines—emerge smoothly from walls, forming continuous surfaces within what Schumacher calls the “balanced asymmetry” of the auditorium. Here, Hadid refines the vineyard terracing first used by Hans Scharoun in the visually lyrical Berlin Philharmonie in 1963. Overhead, an installation of 4,000 LED fixtures dots the ceiling.

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Project Details

Guangzhou Opera House
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Project Team:
    Zaha Hadid, Hon. FAIA; Patrik Schumacher, project director; Woody K.T. Yao, project director; Simon Yu, project leader; Christine Chow; Jason Guo; Ta-Kang Hsu; Filippo Innocenti; Junkai Jiang; Long Jiang; Yang Jingwen; Hinki Kwong; Yi-Ching Liu; Lourdes Sanchez; Cyril Shing; Zhi Wang; Christina Beaumont; Yael Brosilovski; Paola Cattarin; Hon Kong Chee; Achim Gergen; Lorenzo Grifantini; Viggo Haremst; Martin Henn; Jenny Huang; Filippo Innocenti; Tamar Jacobs; Flavio La Gioia; Christian Ludwig;
  • Facade Engineering: King Glass Engineering 
  • Building Services: Guangzhou Pearl River Foreign Investment, Architectural Designing Institute 
  • Acoustic Consultant: Marshall Day Acoustics 
  • Theater Consultant: China ENFI Engineering Group 
  • Lighting Designer: Beijing & Light Co. 
  • Project Management: Guangzhou Municipal Construction Group Co. 
  • Construction Manager: Guangzhou Construction Engineering Supervision Co. 
  • Cost Consultant: Guangzhou Jiancheng Engineering Costing Consultant Office 
  • General Contractor: China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co. 
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Project Status:
Project Size:
    573,474 sq ft
Construction Cost:


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