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Hanson Street

Boston, MA United States

Butz + Klug Architecture


Project Description

By reorienting from the street to the back, the basement level of this narrow row house in Boston’s South End becomes the ‘Garden level’. This simple but profound alteration is achieved by first, raising the rear yard from the sub-basement to an elevation closer to the kitchen – creating a bluestone dining terrace – and second, using according doors to make a large opening in the back wall axially related to the terrace. The kitchen itself, conceived of more as a social area than the domain of the lone cook, has a large table 13 feet long and 4 feet wide around which cooks and guests alike converse, observe or participate during the preparation of a meal. In order to withstand the vigorous cooking impulses of the client, the ‘furniture’, cabinets, table, counters, etc. were custom designed toe commercial standards.


Project Details

Hanson Street
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Project Team:
    Pamela Butz, Jeffrey Klug
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Project Size:
    700 sq ft


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