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Harbert Cottage

Harbert, MI United States

Searl Lamaster Howe Architects


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This project was an opportunity to re-engineer and reinvigorate a classic American ranch house. The 1974 home was showing signs of its age with the roof caving in and a slowly-sinking slab. Its renovation was shaped by principles of simplicity, ease, durability and environmental responsiveness to the site. The architects designed a rehabilitation that revealed the building’s construction, crafting a new roof formed using basic mass-produced trusses, and adding clerestories to flood the interior with light. “This is just an excellent use of prefab materials,” a juror said. “The place explodes with light,” added another. Coupled with generous overhangs, the detailing of the roof minimizes the need for air conditioning and a new geothermal system further minimizes energy consumption.

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Harbert Cottage
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  • General Contractor: Estkowski Construction 
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