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Haven for Hope

San Antonio, TX United States

Overland Partners Architects, O’Neill Conrad Oppett Architects


Project Description

Overland Partners • Haven for Hope is a transformational campus for the homeless in downtown San Antonio, Texas. The 22-acre site, a former industrial park with six existing warehouses, is located near critical resources such as a hospital, a medical detox facility, and public transportation. The challenge for this project was to create public spaces that evoke a campus feeling. Three new structures were added, raising the total to 300,000 square feet of interior space. The buildings accommodate diverse functions that include housing, meal service, job-training sessions, and delivery of medical care, educational programs, and behavioral health services. “It’s a good cause, and good design,” said juror John Cary. Yolande Daniels expressed concern about the complex’s layout, worrying that it could be construed as too institutional or even prisonlike. “That’s funny, because the site plan is one of the things I really loved about it,” said Bill Valentine. “Especially for that use, it’s just warm and friendly.”


Project Details

Haven for Hope
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Project Team:
    Rick Archer, managing principal-in-charge; James Andrew, principal-in-charge; James Andrew, project manager; Giorgio Colussi, project architect; TJ Steinkirchner, assistant project manager; Scott Adams; Mark Beavers; Jennifer Bishop; Scott Carpenter; Albert Condarco; Steve Kline; CJ MacQuarrie; Abdul Mansoor; Kyle Martin; Brad Nettle; Mark Quiterrez; Logan Steiner; Carolyn Warren; Dean Wiederstein; -- Mark Hodges; Mark Oppelt;
  • Associate Architects: Seventh Generation Design 
  • Project Manager: Project Control 
  • Programming: Facilities Programming and Consulting 
  • Landscape Architect: Bender Wells Clark Design 
  • Electrical Design: Blum Consulting Engineer 
  • Mechanical Design: Blum Consulting Engineer 
  • Plumbing Design: Blum Consulting Engineer 
  • Civil Engineer: Pape-Dawson Engineer 
  • Structural Engineer: Jaster-Quintanilla 
  • A/V: Combs Consulting Group 
  • IT: Combs Consulting Group 
  • Security: Combs Consulting Group 
  • Lighting Designer: Benya Lighting Design 
  • Code: Aon Fire Protection Engineering Corp 
  • Kitchen Service: Cosper & Associates 
  • Food Service: Cosper & Associates 
  • General Contractor: Zachry Construction 
  • Photography: Scott Adams 
  • Electrical Design: DBR Engineering Consultants 
  • Mechanical Design: DBR Engineering Consultants 
  • Plumbing Design: DBR Engineering Consultants 
  • Electrical Design: Alderson & Associates 
  • Mechanical Design: Alderson & Associates 
  • Plumbing Design: Alderson & Associates 
  • A/V: Kroll 
  • IT: Kroll 
  • Security: Kroll 
Project Type:
Project Status:
Project Size:
    300,000 sq ft
Construction Cost:


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