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Henkel Headquarters

Scottsdale, AZ United States


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Henkel’s U.S. corporate headquarters sits on the northernmost edge of sprawling Scottsdale, Ariz., on a site bracketed by the State Route 101 and 120 acres of ripped-up ground awaiting construction.

Stands of mesquite and ironwood trees and saguaro cactuses were salvaged from the rest of the One Scottsdale site and replanted around the building. Attention is given to texture: Terra-cotta bricks and gray Mexican plaster contrast with the sleek curtain wall, which masks interior offices, labs, and a “cafetorium.” Folds and bends in the façade allow for a covered port-cochere and accommodate access to below-grade parking. At the front entry, fiberglass column covers glow in the desert light with a brightness that matches an array of red, green, and amber neon signs advertising the Henkel brands.

Life in the 348,000-square-foot headquarters centers around two key spaces: the atrium and the cafetorium, a grand room on the second floor, which, as the name implies, doubles as both cafeteria and assembly area. An open stairwell floats in the space; with generous landings and a comfortable rise-to-run ratio, it’s designed to give Henkel employees a spot to stop and chat.

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Project Details

Henkel Headquarters
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Project Team:
    Will Bruder; Ben Nesbeitt; Ron Deitrick; Dan Olic; Marjorie Whitton; Joaquin Roesch; Fernando Da Col; Anthony Yozipovic; Anthony Tumminello
  • Structural Engineer: Paragon Structural Design 
  • Mechanical Engineer: CH2M Hill 
  • Electrical Engineer: CH2M Hill 
  • Landscape Architect: Ten Eyck Landscape Architects 
  • Lighting Designer: Francis Krahe Associates 
  • Acoustical Consulting: Tony Sola 
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Project Status:
Project Size:
    348,000 sq ft

Specified Products

Vector-Foiltec Texlon ETFE Atrium Skylight System

The atrium, or “vessel of light,” as Bruder calls it, is topped with an 18-foot-wide by 180-foot-long multicell inflated membrane skylight. A three-layer system with shade patterns on upper and middle layers, the skylight lets in a flood of natural light while minimizing solar heat gain.

KT Fabrication Curtain Wall and Cladding Systems

An aluminum curtain wall system wraps the Henkel headquarters. Spandrel glass and aluminum panels vary across the façade. Bruder specified custom mullion cap profiles. Deeper than standard, the design exploits visual phenomena, so that the metal takes on color: The topside reflects the blue sky, while the underside reflects earth brown.



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