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Hotel Riva

Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg Germany

Grath Architects, Ravensburg, Germany


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Efforts to align water and land underpin all aspects of the design of Constance, Germany’s Hotel Riva, from its logo to its architecture. SEFAR® Architecture’s TENARA® Fabric ensures that the hotel remains consistent in its theme — all the way up to its shading canopies.

Located in the foothills of the northern Alps on the shores of Germany’s Lake of Constance, Hotel Riva’s views exude serenity. From their rooms or the rooftop pool, vacationers can admire the vastness of the 220-square-mile glacial lake and its surroundings. Thanks to the TENARA Fabric canopy, guests of the hotel’s 42 rooms and 3 suites can experience their beautiful surroundings while remaining protected from the elements.

TENARA Fabric was chosen as the canopy material to enhance the hotel’s pleasant atmosphere and ensure guests’ comfort – regardless of the weather. Attached to the highest part of the building, the canopy provides rain protection for visitors relaxing on balconies and decks without impeding their views. TENARA Fabric’s industry-leading 40% light transmission provides shade without creating a dark cavernous feeling for the occupants. The UV-durable and light-technical fabric repels both dirt and water, and will remain white for its entire lifespan.

The canopy also provides the hotel with unmistakable aesthetic consistency that emphasizes its proximity to the lake. The wave design is a creative symbol seen throughout the building – in the hotel’s logo, in the ceiling panels and, thanks to SEFAR Architecture, even in the hotel’s canopy systems. The canopy border itself forms a wave shape, promoting a sense of tranquility throughout the hotel.

SEFAR Architecture’s TENARA Fabric is woven from ePTFE yarn and coated with PTFE. This composition provides extremely high resistance to blemishing and degradation that far surpasses all other materials of its kind. In addition, the TENARA Fabric is ASTM E84 – Class A fire-rated.

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Hotel Riva was completed in 2011. Members of the project team include architects Grath Architects, Ravensburg, Germany, manufacturing / implementation A. Arnegger GmbH, Leutkirch i.A., Germany, and general contractor Clauss Markisen Projekt GmbH, Bissingen-Ochsenwang, Germany.


Project Details

Hotel Riva
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  • Manufacturing/Implementation: A. Arnegger GmbH, Leutkirch i.A. 
  • General Contractor: Clauss Markisen Projekt GmbH 
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Specified Products

Sefar TENARA Fabric

TENARA® Fabric is unique because it is woven from ePTFE fabric and is also fluoropolymer-coated, making the PTFE inherent in the material. As a result, it is the only product that can fold repeatedly without delamination. It also allows more than three times the light transmission of similar fabric materials – 38% versus the industry standard of 12%. It also will flex and fold countless times without delaminating or losing strength.

In terms of durability, SEFAR® Architecture’s TENARA Fabric is inert to UV rays and provides extremely high resistance to material degradation, far surpassing all other materials of its kind. As a result, it offers the industry’s only 15-year replacement warranty. TENARA Fabric is ASTM E84 – Class A fire-rated.



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