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House of Justice

Mestia Georgia

J. Mayer H. Architects


Project Description

From ARCHITECT, November 2013

J. Mayer H. Architects in Georgia, by Ian Volner:

Located down the street from the police station, the House of Justice opened in the same year, forming the anchor of a new civic campus for the town of Mestia. Also formed from textured concrete, this time in a structural frame, the two-story House of Justice features large window openings to frame the mountain views, and to offer transparency into the workings of local government. For Mayer, the approach to the suite of projects was two-fold: “What are we, as an office, interested in doing for architecture, and what is right for the place?” he says. “I don’t see each project on its own—looking back over the last four or five years, the projects are these acupunctural interventions. They are activators for certain places, and tickle or tease in certain places.”

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House of Justice
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Project Team:
    Jürgen Mayer H., Jesko Malkolm Johnsson-Zahn, Danny te Kloese, Hugo Reis
  • Local Architect: Alioni 99 
  • Construction: Anagi 
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    350 sq m


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