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Jackson Hole Center Performance Pavilion

Jackson, WY United States

Stephen Dynia Architects and Carney Logan Burke Architects


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The Center for the Arts project was undertaken for a non-profit entity, in cooperation with the Town of Jackson and Teton County, to create a campus that brought together twenty local arts and education organizations. The newest phase to open, the 39,000 sf Performing Arts Wing, complements the 40,000 sf Arts and Education Wing and includes a 525-seat proscenium theater, lobby, rehearsal facilities, scene shop, and other administrative and support spaces.

The theater is designed to function flexibly, so that the different disciplines represented under the Center banner are able to use the facility to showcase their productions. In addition to accommodating a wide variety of performance types, the theater can also modify its seating capacity to ensure an intimate experience for every audience. The theater seating expresses an artistic vision for the Performance Wing, with the underside of the seating arena exposed and visible from the lobby below. The lobby, with this curved, wood-clad form hovering above, acts as a window to the pre-performance activity and connects this public space visually to the mountains beyond.

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Jackson Hole Center Performance Pavilion
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    John Carney, Eric Logan, Matt Bowers & Steve Jakub
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