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Jinan Jinke World City F Block


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With 2700 years of history, Jinan is the birthplace of the Longshan Culture. Since there are “seventy two famous springs” within the territory, thus the city is also known as “Spring City”, as well as being described in ancient poetry as “three willow trees embraced by four lotus flowers by the spring, this is the city that’s known for its winding hills and crystal clear lakes.”

Project site is located in Jinan City West. Approximately 115 km from the Spring City Plaza and only 2 kilometers away from Jinan West Station transportation hub.

The project is situated in the southernmost part of Jinke World City project plots, site labeled F, it is designed for commercial/retail and business related space , with total GFA of 4.02 hectares.

The main visitors’ flow comes from the MTR station that is situated in the southwestern side of the site, as well as nearby bus stations, residential community and shopping avenue which is to the north of the site.

At the same time, there is a sub-flow coming from the residential community going into the middle and eastern part of the site. In order to achieve an active and prosperous business/commercial flow we must take in the consideration of the link between sub and main visitor’s flow.

"Gurgling springs"

The Concept design inspiration was triggered by the infamous "Spring" characteristics of Jinan. The design focused on how the curvature of the structure creates movement and flows , interwoven within the mass, then slowly unfolds over the site. And the three towers appears to be like pebbles intersperse over water, thus cleverly combining and connecting the centralizing commercial/retail business with the mass of commercial avenue.


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Jinan Jinke World City F Block
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    Ping XU
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    351,502 sq m


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