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Kayak Pavilion for Long Dock Park

Beacon, NY United States

Architecture Research Office (ARO)


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This project for the Scenic Hudson Land Trust consists of two separate structures located in a new public park on the Hudson River in Beacon, New York: a new kayak pavilion and the River Center, an arts and environmental education center in a renovated historic barn.

The kayak pavilion is conceived as a threshold in deference to the expansive Hudson River. It is visually open and tied to the water’s edge, framing the transition between land and water. The roof is a horizontal plane of corrugated steel that parallels a large wood deck from which boats launch. Columns are few and small to further open the space. The painted steel structure is economical and sturdy. Secure storage for up to sixty-four kayaks or canoes, a changing room and storage area are enclosed by aluminum bar grating panels. The textures, patterns, orientation and details of the corrugated steel, wood deck and bar grating bring these ordinary elements into an elegant composition. Sixty-five photovoltaic solar panels are installed on the roof of the pavilion, providing power to the barn.


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Kayak Pavilion for Long Dock Park
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