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Kelly Cullen Community

San Francisco, CA United States


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The former Central YMCA building (San Francisco landmark), constructed in 1909-1910 following the 1906 earthquake, has been converted to 172 units of permanent housing and supportive service space. The new housing units, while larger than the original YMCA hotel rooms, average 230 square feet and include private baths and compact kitchenettes. The ground floor is largely occupied by a Department of Public Health clinic for residents of Tenderloin supportive housing, with an emphasis on holistic services, wellness, and permanence.

As a landmark building, the street facades and several of the original common spaces have been restored to their original grandeur. The monumental entry stair, which had been removed at some point, has been reconstructed similar to the original, recalling the building’s original sunlit grand entry sequence. The renovated 2nd floor main lobby and auditorium will be used primarily by the residential tenants for community functions, and the gymnasium on the 5th floor will be available to the residents and to clinic visitors for health and fitness classes. On the 8th and 9th floors, existing squash courts have been demolished and replaced with new construction for housing units. On the roof, a deck for residents adjoins a staff lounge and tenant lounge/laundry room. Ninety-two percent (92%) of the housing units are accessible according to either state or federal standards.


Project Details

Kelly Cullen Community
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Project Team:
    Lisa Gelfand, FAIA, LEED AP, Principal-in-Charge; Chris Duncan, AIA, LEED AP, Project Manager; Ariane Fehrenkamp, LEED AP, Job Captain
  • Preservation Architect: Knapp Architects 
  • Interior Designer: Multiplicity Design 
  • Structural Engineer: Tennebaum-Manheim Engineers 
  • Mechanical Engineer: Salas O'Brien Engineers 
  • Electrical Engineer: Salas O'Brien Engineers 
  • Plumbing Engineer: Tommy Siu & Associates 
  • Fire Protection: Arsenio Ortega 
  • Civil Engineer: BKF Engineers 


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