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Lafayette Library and Learning Center

Lafayette, CA United States

Killefer Flammang Architects


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Metal Sales™ covers the new Lafayette Library and Learning Center in Lafayette, CA with 31,000 square feet of vibrant and durable roofing panels.

The Lafayette Library and Learning Center is a state-of-the-art facility designed to be highly eco-friendly. Some of its most notable green features include a photovoltaic (solar) panel system, very-low ozone depletion refrigerants, vertical fin walls to minimize solar heat gain, aluminum sunshades, large clear coated glass windows and skylights to reduce the need for artificial lighting.

The new 30,000+ square foot library is the largest and most complex public or private project in Lafayette’s history. It features a café, a bookstore, a living media wall, a public art gallery, a separate Children’s Area and Technology Lab. It is within walking distance of schools, senior housing, and several of the community’s neighborhoods. Truly a civic center, the facility serves as a modern and elegant showpiece for the city’s downtown, and is made complete with a stylish Metal Sales roof.


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Lafayette Library and Learning Center
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  • Metal Panel Installer: PetersenDean 
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Specified Products

Metal Sales Vertical Seam panels

The Vertical Seam 24 gauge panels, coated in a cool Mistique Plus color, provide a complimentary design aesthetic as well as sustainable functionality.

Metal Sales Vertical Seam is a standing seam roof panel with a concealed clip designed for thermal movement. It is a snap-together panel system with a factory-applied sealant, and can be applied over open framing or a solid substrate. Installation of the Vertical Seam panels on the Lafayette Library and Learning Center went very smoothly, owing in part to a positive customer service experience.

Metal Sales' green contribution comes in the form of longevity and lower cooling costs, due to the panels' durable and recyclable make-up, and the roof's ability to reflect heat. Its PVDF (Kynar 500®) Mistique Plus coating has an impressive solar reflectance of .34 and a thermal emittance of .82, indicating significant energy savings.



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