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Lake Superior College Health and Science Center

Duluth, MN United States

Ross Barney Architects


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The new addition to the single building campus of Lake Superior College provides future-oriented facilities while consolidating the widely dispersed program areas into this state of the art building.

Literally growing out of the bedrock, the building adds 34,000 square feet and remodels 5,500 square feet of the existing 307,970 square feet facility on the main campus. The total project cost is $13,875,000. The new building combines teaching laboratories and open laboratory space on campus for health, nursing and science programs. The vacated spaces within the existing facility provide opportunities to address the shortage of general classrooms and general use/support spaces.

The Health and Science Center is constructed on the hill behind the main building with a glass enclosed walkway connecting to the existing building on the main circulation second level. This location for the addition achieves several goals: campus expansion to the north as proposed in the Master Plan; protects Miller Creek; provides visibility for the campus. The new addition capitalizes on the natural site and the views toward the St. Louis River and Lake Superior.


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Lake Superior College Health and Science Center
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