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Lancaster Mennonite High School Track

Lancaster, PA United States


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Student athletes at a Pennsylvania High School are following in the footsteps of Olympian Usain Bolt. Bolt has broken world-records, and personally trains on tracks from Regupol America. Now student athletes at Lancaster Mennonite High School (LMHS) can experience the same high-performance surface.

Athletic Director Mike Yoder updated the school’s running track in 2009, when he first installed Regupol® SB in Dash Black. After great experiences on their first Regupol track, Yoder spearheaded the upgrade to Regupol® AG in Relay Red.

“One of the primary reasons for choosing Regupol for both installations is their well respected reputation for high caliber tracks,” Yoder said. “Not only were we proud to support a local company, but we are confident in the investment knowing Regupol tracks have outstanding quality and a long lifespan.”

A total of 53,000 square feet of Regupol AG was installed at LMHS in August 2012, and continues to receive positive reviews from students and staff.

“The students are pleased with the improved feel of the new track, and we are thrilled to provide a safer surface due to the cushion and uniformity of Regupol tracks,” said Yoder.

Regupol AG is made from precision engineered, pre-manufactured recycled SBR rubber granules and a polyurethane binder base mat, adhered to the asphalt base layer. As the inventor of the category, Regupol holds years of performance and manufactures products that provide serious comfort and durability. Regupol tracks can take wear and still perform like the day they were installed.

With over 1,000 track installations worldwide, Regupol is pleased that a neighboring school district is now home to one of their running tracks.

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Lancaster Mennonite High School Track
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    Abacus Sports Installations Ltd, Installation
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    53,000 sq ft
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Specified Products

Regupol America Regupol® AG

The gold standard for international competition and top athletes, Regupol AG is built with a precision, pre-fabricated, factory controlled recycled rubber base layer to provide the highest level of shock absorption. The favorite of Olympic Champion Usain Bolt, Regupol AG was there for his world record-breaking sprint.

Offering high quality for every level of training and competition, Regupol AG is made up of a wear layer of the highest quality, polyurethane and EPDM granules atop a prefabricated base mat. Regupol AG stands up to the hardest and fastest, giving unbeatable performance.



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