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Landmark Mall

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The existing property is designed as a single use retail mall, originally conceived as an outdoor shopping center with all at grade parking. Through the years, the property was added onto and eventually enclosed connecting the three major anchor department store with mall type retail and food court tenants.

The design goal of Cooper Carry’s new master plan is to keep the existing Sears and Macy’s department stores while taking down the existing retail mall structure and the closed third anchor building, replacing it with a new retail mixed-use main street development built in phases over time. Phase one of the master plan will occupy the site of the present mall building, and is proposed to include retail and residential. The development will be outdoors and include north/south and east/west streets, sidewalks and open space connecting with the surrounding community. Residential over some portions of the retail will occupy the site and existing parking will be maintained with the addition of street parking, in support of the new mixed-use development. Public open space will be provided in both hardscape and landscape form for community gathering. As part of the redevelopment agreement we are developing a multi-modal transfer station that will service the Bus Rapid Transit lines along Alexandria’s Van Dorn and Duke streets.


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Landmark Mall
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