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LOGAN, a bi-coastal production company, wanted a new office space that better fits its needs. Building on Logan’s dynamic working model, SO – IL created an environment that supports a strong sense of collaboration and collectivity. A large part of LOGAN’s team consists of mobile consultants that join the team on a per-project basis. This constantly changing work setting requires few personalized work stations and rooms, but a high level of flexibility. We reconceived how office space can work given Logan’s organization, creating layers of transparency and completely shared work spaces.

The space is divided into two identical, symmetrical rectilinear spaces. Each long room has a 65-foot continuous custom work table. Accommodating working groups of any size, the shared desks consolidate almost every operation of the company in one place: design, production, and meetings. The end section of each continuous table is divided by glass walls, allowing for acoustically private offices and meeting rooms to share the same work surface. Seamless floor-to-ceiling translucent fabric walls separate the central work areas, visually breaking down the scale of the space, while maintaining a shared environment, and allowing natural light to penetrate. A stretched PVC luminous ceiling provides even, shadowless lighting.

Looking through layers of fabric, people and objects perpetually appear out of focus. Fabric walls catch natural light and change colors as light changes throughout the day. This abstraction, combined with the symmetry of spaces, the spatial ambiguity of the fabric, creates the illusion of reflections when looking into adjacent spaces, creating a dream-like, surreal experience.


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    Florian Idenburg, Jing Liu, Ilias Papageorgiou, Danny Duong, Nicole Passarella, Takuya Iwamura
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