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Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Las Vegas, NH United States


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The Lou Ruvo clinic for Alzheimer's and Huntington's disease research was created to stand out even in Last Vegas: an orthagonal four-story structure draped and wrapped with a mountainous metal-clad skin, faced in shingled panels and punctured with a grid of windows. The voluminous structure—which serves as a revenue-generating event space as well as a space for patient programs—stands at the back of an orthogonal, four-story working structure that serves as a clinic, research center, and Ruvo’s nonprofit Keep Memory Alive foundation headquarters. The structure is composed of two distinct buildings united by a steel trellis which creates an outdoor patio. A breezeway through the base of the clinic leads to its entrance and out to the courtyard and the activity center beyond. The end result is a vaulting, cathedral-like space with swooping lines and deeply coffered windows.

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Project Details

Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
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Project Team:
    Frank Gehry, FAIA; Terry Bell, project partner; Brian Zamora, project designer; Kristin Ragins; Ronald A. Rosell; David Rodriguez; Michael Sedlacek; Andrew Galambo; Eun Sung Chang, AIA; Izaburo Kibayashi; Michael O’Boyle; Mok Wai Wan; Natalie Magarian; Natalie Milberg; Nora Wolin; Sameer Kashyap; Sarah David; Yvon Romeus
  • Structural Engineer: WSP Cantor Seinuk 
  • Electrical Engineer: Cosentini Associates 
  • Mechanical Engineer: Cosentini Associates 
  • Plumbing Engineer: Cosentini Associates 
  • Security: Cosentini Associates 
  • Telecommunications Engineer: Cosentini Associates 
  • Lighting Designer: L’Observatoire International 
  • Acoustical Engineer: McKay Conant Hoover; Nagata Acoustics 
  • Building Transportation: Edgett Williams Consulting Group 
  • Life Safety Engineers: Aon Fire Protection Engineering Corp. 
  • Climate Engineer: Transsolar 
  • Door Hardware: Finish Hardware Technology 
  • Landscape Architect: Deneen Powell Atelier 
  • Civil Engineer: G.C. Wallace 
  • Building Maintenence: Lerch Bates 
  • A/V Engineer: Spurgeon Design and Development 
  • General Contractor: Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. 
Project Type:
Project Status:
Project Size:
    60,000 sq ft


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