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Lub Lounge

Toronto, Ontario Canada


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Located on a busy commercial stretch along Church Street, an existing cafe on 2 floors was converted into a multi-purpose space that functions during lunch and dinner as a casual restaurant and later in the evening as a martini bar with live DJs.

The building had only recently been fully renovated by the previous tenant so the challenge was to re-use much of the interior wall and floor finishes while providing a new upscale image. New bars were designed for both the ground and second floors. The sinuous shapes of the bars are each a continuous plane that begins as the foot rest, curves up to become the counter and then wraps up to become a ceiling element. Composed of ribbed laminate with anodized aluminum trim and back lit acrylic panels, they create a dynamic sense of intimacy within the otherwise open space, wrapping around and over patrons as they place their orders. A freestanding DJ station and coat check counter echo the curving shape of the bars.

Strategic use of a rich orange colour for walls, stools and the back lit 6 foot by 7 foot panel at the rear of the main ground floor space create a warm glow that is visible from the street outside. At the double height space connecting the ground and second floors, narrow vertical strips of randomly spaced mirrors create an ever changing reflection of patrons as they traverse the open stair.


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Lub Lounge
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    1,200 sq ft


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