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More Cupcakes

Chicago, IL United States

David Woodhouse Architects


Project Description

The interior of More Cupcakes is made up of a few simple materials, detailed meticulously to compose a restrained design. In the main retail space, bamboo plywood forms the counter and custom cabinets, designed to conceal boxes, bags, and other packaging from view. The back wall is a custom installation of neon tubes behind a sheet of 3form resin designed by local artist Greg Mowery. Without a doubt, the main focus of the space is the cupcake display stand—formed from stainless steel, routed resin, and glass, the custom installation hails each cupcake as an individual work of art.

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Project Details

More Cupcakes
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Project Team:
    David Woodhouse, principal; Andy Tinucci, project architect; Brian Foote, project team; Rea Koukiou, project team
  • Architect of Record: Huron Design Group 
  • Lighting Designer: Molly McKnight 
  • Graphic Design: Concrete Inc. 
  • Neon Design: Greg Mowery 
  • General Contractor: Tip Top Builders 
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Project Size:
    550 sq ft
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Specified Products

Teragren Bamboo Panels

The millwork in the retail space is made from 3/4"-thick panels of Teragren Bamboo plywood. The vertical-grain surface has a caramelized finish that brings warmth to a space otherwise dominated by metal, concrete, and glass. And because the core of each panel is made up of short pieces of bamboo that are stacked perpendicular to the surface’s vertical grain, the bored holes in the front-most panel have a beautifully detailed, exposed cross-section.

3form Chroma Panels

Used throughout the space as a matte finish, 3form Chroma allowed the architects to play with light and introduce the aesthetic of frosted glass without being constrained by the weight or rigidity of the more traditional material. In front of the neon lighting installation along the back wall, floor-to-ceiling formed Chroma panels help to diffuse the light, and panels of a different thickness hold the cupcakes in the retail display. Circles are routed into the surface of those smaller panels to keep the cupcakes from sliding around and to separate each cupcake in the case, ensuring an even display.



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